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I got a chance to visit Glovesmith's shop and watch a some gloves be built today.  I took some pictures of one in different stages of production.  I hope to clean up the pictures a bit and post some more of the machines next week but for now here you go.

Regards, Chris

Shell pieces of 11 1/2" glove, MO Made already stamped on little finger edge.


Back pieces of 11 1/2" glove w/ labels sewn on.  If you look at the hole pattern on the finger backs you can see where the step laced finger are laced.

11 1/2" Shell palm stamped 1150 USA stock number

11 1/2" Lace-Free lining, palm pad is above, Made in USA stamped in palm

Back is welted,  comfort fit thumb and little finger is pictured - will be added as an option soon

Back is welted,  with palm ready to be closed another picture of comfort fit thumb and little finger - again this option will be added soon

Glove is closed and laid off with the hot hands

Glove is closed and laid off with the hot hands picture shows the comfort fit thumb

Glove is being stuffed with lining

Glove is stuffed with lining, the leather binding is pictured.  The glove still needs the ends of the welt trimmed

First pass of the binding is done.  The binding is rolled over and sewn again then hand trimmed with scissors or leather shears.

Glove is roll bound and trimmed.  Glove will next be stuffed with padding and laced.

Glove is being laced.  The whole glove is laced with this needle except thumb and little finger loops.

Glove is about half way laced just needs the web and fingers done.

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